Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

Henglian Spirit: To strive continuously to make new progress, to accommodate anything good, to challenge limit, to pursue excellence
Henglian Principle: Creditability, Responsibility, Innovation, Self-discipline
Corporate Tenet: To pursue the excellence and contribute to the society
Business Concept: To adhere to sustainable development strategy, implement low-risk and rapid-development strategy;
To improve control ability, increase risk management, realize dual-hundred goal, and create centurial Bohui.
Study Concept: To melt work and study together and create learning enterprise.
Quality Concept: Quality is life. To improve product quality endlessly
Safety Concept: No safety, no anything
Service Concept: To meet customer’s demands is our pursuit, new start of our work and drive for us to advance bravely.
Team Spirit: Union is strength, and fundamental guarantee to build centurial Bohui as well.


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